I'm Juliana Xavier, a virgo perfectionist in love with the power of beautifying people. I am a professional makeup and microblading artist who lives in Florianópolis.


My passion started at my thirteenth birthday when my hobby was standing in front of the mirror taking out and putting makeup on. A year later I managed to convince my mother to let me take my first makeup course.


Years later, already coursing my Design major in college, I realized the opportunity to transform my hobby into a profession. I started to invest even more in courses and extension classes, so I could today work in the area of ​​makeup and micropigmentation.


My goal is to reveal the beauty of each one to bring more joy and self-confidence to them.


Being present at important moments like sweet sixteenths birthdays, graduations and weddings is a joy and seeing everyone's smile reflecting in the mirror at the end of the session IS MY ENERGY!



 JULIANA XAVIER |  Beauty Artist

contato@juxavier.com - (48) 99130-0959

End. Avenida Governador Ivo Silveira, 2700 CEP 88085-120 - Florianópolis SC

CNPJ 33.069.629/0001-47

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